Metaphor of the tree

Origins of Speciesist Violence

Consider for a moment the structure of this tree. As time goes on, if the tree eats well, their roots grow and multiply. They become stronger, larger and longer.

If you observe, all that tangle of roots, grows in a single trunk, with a definite shape. It’s as if all those roots revolts underground are ordered in something new and different to come to the surface.

The trunk’s strength depends directly on their roots. If the roots are fed, then the trunk also grows and will be wider and stronger over the years.

The roots and the trunk remain stable, without more changes than the expanding of itself when it’s fed well, or deterioration and slowly dying when it’s not.

Now let pay attention to its branches and leaves. Its leaves change in color, size and shape depending on the season of the year.

Sometimes they get it becomes brown and sometimes green and bright, sometimes its branches give fruit and sometimes its leaves dry and fall. But even in winter, when the tree looks naked and weaker, it’s not. We just have to wait until spring comes again, to deploy all his potential and flourish again.

That’s how Speciesism works. Its roots are strong, solid, seem permanent. They are ancient yet… Instead its branches and leaves changewith the turn of the century, times and trends.

Each branch and every leaf that blooms represent Speciesist Violence. If Anthropocentric Speciesism is the cause, Speciesist Violence is the symptom. Even if we cut the leaves over and over again, if the trunk resists, then, the tree will grow back and flourish again.

Every culture creates its own tree and from this shall grow something unique and different. Therefore, to understand the particular characteristics of a society we must observe “their own tree”. That means, understand their meaning of reality (for example, in China, humans considered dogs as food but here we don’t, we think that is an aberration).

The term speciesist violence is born of this effort to make visible its invisible origins. Every time that we say: Speciesist Violence, we will be saying “violence”, yes, but SPECIESIST. That means making visible wich is invisible.

                                                                                                            Romina Kachanoski


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